A Trucker’s Pain at the Pump: Why Diesel Fuel Matters

February 17, 2011


When we fill up our cars, we likely pay attention to the price of three fuel options: unleaded, medium unleaded, and super unleaded. But what about diesel fuel? I’m devoting this post to diesel and its impact on our economy because I’ll be honest, until now, I never knew how important it was. First the […]

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Gasoline Blues: The Fuel Price Sing-Along

February 10, 2011


Music world, beware. Songs aren’t just about love and loss anymore. Musicians are taking the industry one step further and incorporating real-world issues in their lyrics. But did you ever expect gas prices to be a part of that equation? As the cost of oil skyrockets, musicians are venting their frustration. Take Canadian musician Dennis […]

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The Anxiety-Inducing and Depression-Starting Side Effects of Pumping Gas

February 1, 2011


I should have started worrying about how gas prices were affecting my community when, in June 2010, my mom called me after she left to work and told me she’d been robbed of her gas. I remember first laughing, and then responding with a confused, “What?” My mom went on to explain how the evening […]

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